Patreon Poll #1!

Hi guys!

I had a bit of a hickup with my site and lost all of my posts from 2013…boo… which of course I didn’t have backed up anywhere. I shall have to find the time to rewrite and repost but now it’s time for my first Patreon Poll!

For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a great way to help Artists and Creators do what they love, kinda like Kickstarter except people opt to fund you per project rather than aiming for one massive lump sum at the end. For my Patreon, I’m going to hold a poll at the start of each project so people can vote for what they’d like to see. You don’t have to be a patron of mine to vote either, but if you like what I do, please considering becoming one =)

Here’s a short run down of the options:

Chocobo Keeper Mask (FFXIV)
Chocobo Mask
I fell in love with this mask when I first saw it and I would love to make the costume that goes with it someday too. This project would be a good way to experiment with Worbla’s Finest Art material too which I haven’t had a chance to try out yet.

Haunter PatternHaunter Puppet (Pokemon)
One of the posts lost from the 2013 archives was one that showed the start of a Haunter hand puppet I was making. He unfortunately fell to the sidelines and I do really think it would be good to finish him. For those who didn’t see the original post (or forget it). The plan was to have his eyes glowing using a potentiometer. Good electronics and LED practice. (The image on the left shows part of his complicated skinning pattern)

Songbird Plush (Bioshock Infinite)Songbird Plush
I had planned to make this guy before the official one was released (I have all the materials for him too) and to be honest I wasn’t overly mad about the finish on the official one, so I’d still like to try make my own version. 80% of this project would be figuring out the pattern which I’m not used to but should be fun to do!

Mini Gift Boxes (Christmas Themed)
This one wont feature any game references and would be mostly design based and Christmasy themed, given the time of year. Each design would be drawn up and scalable for cutting on a Laser cutter (our just simply printing out a template). I would do a few different boxes and I would make the files available to my Patrons, you could also adapt these files yourself and switch them to any theme you like. Unfortunately I don’t have an image for these guys as there are yet to be designed, but they’d be large enough to hold a cupcake, or a few sweets at least.

Please cast your vote below and if you have any suggestions for future polls, please leave a comment!

Patreon Poll #1: The first project should be...

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