A Christmas of Making!

As explaining in my previous post I have been battling depression over the past while, and as a result my creativity became almost null and void. But by a bit of Christmas luck, I got a sudden making rush, and boy did I take advantage of it! -> This was also handy as after leaving my job a handmade Christmas sorted a lot of stuff out.

I made a few small things over the Christmas, but my favourite was the Legend of Zelda gift box I made for Shane’s Ocarina. The Ocarina arrived in a super plain cardboardy box and I figured it deserved much more. Because I had temporary access to a Epilog Zing I decided to laser etch and cut the gift box out of 3mm ply.

The lid consisted of two pieces, one with the Triforce symbol cut out, and another inset by 3mm all around so it would sit into the box and close the lid. This second piece was also etched on the underside so it wasn’t left plain.Zelda Ocarina Box

The designs I used on the box are from the prologue of the Legend of Zelda: Windwaker game. I found screen shots of the prologue online and used Illustrator CC’s Live Trace option to turn the images into black and white laser friendly files. A small amount of re-sizing and tidying up and they were ready to go! The prologue actually tells the story of the Ocarina of Time which was very fitting because I was going to seal an ocarina in there. But before I did that, I wanted to give it a bit more and create a foam insert in which the ocarina could sit nice and snug.




The insert was made of two layers of simple upholstery foam, I traced and cut the ocarina shape out of the top layer before gluing them together and test fitting in the box. After some adjustments were made I covered the foam in a green velvet very similar to the green on Link’s tunic in the games and secured it with some hot glue. This was then placed back in the box along with the ocarina. The Foam fits snugly enough that it doesn’t move, but I decided against gluing it down in case the box is re-purposed for other things.

DSC_0092 DSC_0094



When sealing and wrapping I placed a small bit of white foam between the ocarina and the lid to stop any rattling or movement. I unfortunately don’t have any photos of the box assembly, but it is all simple but joining held with Elmer’s Wood Glue. The part of the Triforce that looks etched like other parts of the box is actually just painted with a mix of inks I colour matched to the etched wood. I decided to keep the charred edges as I liked the way they framed the panels on either end of the box. The surfaces were however sanded with 120 grit paper to remove any staining caused by the laser cutter.


This is the most creative thing I have done in what feels like an eternity! I’m super happy as to how it turned out, and Shane said he loved it more than the ocarina itself, which I’m pretty ok with!

That’s all for now,

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