Dublin Comic Con Update!



For those of you that follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You may have heard me mention that I will be attending Dublin Comic Con this year. But not as a visitor, oh no, this year I shall have my own stall! This is both terrifying and exciting as I have never done this before. I shall give you a run down of the types of things I’ll be including and if you’re not in Ireland for the Con, fear not, excess left over stock will be put up on my etsy shop which I shall reopen when the Con is over.

The stall I will be (wo)manning over the weekend will be called The Orcward Shoppe, this is a play on the fact that I have a habit of pronoucing “Awkward” as “Orcward” and a friend in college would make awkward orc noises whenever I said it. My original though was The Orcward would make an amazing Bar and Grill, Larp / DnD / RPG themed when people could come and eat and play games. I even designed a logo (see below – though not featuring Amena), this idea will probably surface again but for now I’ll be running The Orcward Shoppe instead.

Orcward Logo

The stall will be designed to look like an old rpg street vendor stall, and I will be in character behind the stall as Amena, a Dísir (Viking version of a Fate) who runs the Orcward Inn and Shoppe in her realm (the last point of human territory before you head to the orc lands, or orcward). When not assisting adventures heading orcward with their fate, selling weapons and sundries like any good rpg vendor would, Amena is transversing the realms gathering items that will be of use to other adventures. This is where she ends up at Dublin Comic Con with wares to sell which have come from the many lands we would only regard as fiction…. (It’s always good to have a backstory right?)

So here’s a taste of what’s to come!

  HearthstoneHearthstone Glow

Hearthstones, in keyring and prop form, that glow in the dark!
(Ask any innkeep to enchant it for you to ensure you’re never far from where you need to be!)


Stark Schnaps Glasses because Winter is coming.
I also have some Skyrim ones, and I’m looking into doing Lannister Wine Glasses.


After the hilarious event that was Twitch Plays Pokemon, may I present Lord Helix!
(Aka: The Helix Fossil from the Pokemon series!)


With the announcement of Fallout 4, what better way to ensure your future fortune than by investing in some Caps?

I have many more items to come, so stay tuned for future updates! Along with an in depth look to the Sons of the Harpy mask I’m making and announcement on what I’ll be donating to the Dublin Comic Con Charity Auction which this year benefits CMRF Crumlin Childrens Hospital and BeLonG To Youth Services.

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