Sooooo long 2015 …. Hellooooo 2016!

After a crash and tumble through what was 2015 I have landed in 2016 with pretty solid feet. As per all new years traditions, I have a long list of “Starting Fresh” and “Get More Stuff Done What You Didn’t Last Year”.¬†Included in this list is of course the long overdue Harpy Mask phase 2, which I need to recast to get some better progress photos for.

etsy-iconRunning up to the Dublin Comic Con convention in August got a bit hectic but for the first stall for The Orcward Shoppe. I had a lot of fun and things went really well. All left over items have since been put up on the Orcward’s Etsy page, I hope to be adding to the stock over the next year and as I explore various makes and dos. The Orcward also sold out of a few items, which is pretty sweet! I do plan to keep 3cGifts¬†going, but what will end up there is still slightly uncertain. There are still some MSF (Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain) vinyl stickers up there if you want to grab one before the listing runs out!

PatreonPatreon is back! Though admittedly it never really left, by account just slid into a sort of creative coma, which happened even before I got sick. I plan to shock it back to life this year, and work on trying to create more online content and heck, if I get a goPro then some vids will start making their way onto the internet too. Or even live streams as a work away, which I have wanted to do from the get go, but nobody wants pixelated making any more, gotta up my web cam game. If you decided to follow on Patreon, it’ll probably take a while before I get going, and it’ll probably be a crazy load of stuff while I figure out what people want to see.


A break from the orangeish icons to a recommendation, I just started a course on Ctrl+Paint to revamp my drawing skills and help me work on my digital painting, which is something I always wanted to get at. Thanks to a very generous Christmas Elf, I now have an Intuos ART to play with so a fair bit of digital art will make its way to Patreon. As for Ctrl+Paint, I can’t recommend that site enough. I’m currently working through the practical homework before I hit the digital side (not essential but recommended). The tutor is very clear and the projects and homework given are brilliant.

instagram-logo1And finally back to a slightly orange logo, I’ve started using Instagram more, and a little more than twitter, so it’s probably the best place to find random works in progress and mini workshop updates! (it is also my personal account so little slices of life find their way in too).

Oh! I almost forgot, I’ve invested in a Glowforge so that’s exciting, they’re on schedule with manufacturing, so I guestimate mine will arrive in June, but don’t want to get my hopes up too high so a medium level hopes, in case there’s any delays with the shipping. That’ll be another thing to add to my online content. How not to set your laser cutter on fire (I did it to a trotec once…).

Thats all for now,

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