Hey all, sorry it’s taking so long to get the final part of the PotatOS write up done, I’m currently bogged down with paperwork for my Final Year Project (FYP) and my thesis, both due Friday week! After that I’ll be on Christmas break so I should get the last one up then. I also plan (at the moment, we’ll see when it gets really busy!) to update every Thursday while doing my FYP. If I have money to invest in a nice camera I Might start doing some streaming too when it’s nearing completion!
That’s all for now! Back to the Word Documents for me…


Mold making fail! Not enough silicone, and walls a little too thin. Wont be making that mistake again! Hurrah for the learning process. Now to go do it right and proper. Pics of successful molding and more PotatOS project soon!

Here we go again!!


I’ve changed domain hosts after the hassle the last one gave me, but we need to redo everything! And slightly different too… I’d added a live steam section to this site in case anyone want to watch me at work while I’m doing my final year. I’m hoping this will also encourage me to keep myself better organised and keep a steady work flow. Start as I mean to go on.

Speaking of which, there’ll be updates soon I promise! Have a fair few photos to sort through before my first post!